About PinoyPrepping.com

Welcome to Pinoy Prepping, the ultimate online community for Filipino preppers and survivalists.

If you are interested in learning how to prepare for and survive any emergency or disaster, you have come to the right place.

Pinoy Prepping is a website that was founded in 2022 by a team of passionate Filipino preppers and survivalists who have been practicing and teaching prepping skills for over 10 years. The team members are also certified instructors of various survival courses, such as wilderness survival, urban survival, first aid, self-defense, and many more.

Pinoy Prepping is an online forum website that aims to provide you with useful information, tips, and resources on various topics related to prepping and survival, such as:

  • Food and water: How to store, preserve, and purify food and water for long-term survival.
  • Shelter and security: How to build, maintain, and protect your shelter from natural or man-made threats.
  • Health and hygiene: How to prevent, treat, and manage common health issues and injuries in a survival situation.
  • Tools and equipment: How to choose, use, and maintain the essential tools and equipment for prepping and survival.
  • Skills and knowledge: How to acquire, practice, and improve the skills and knowledge that are vital for prepping and survival.
  • Scenarios and plans: How to prepare for and cope with different scenarios and situations that could occur in an emergency or disaster.

Pinoy Prepping is also a place that offers you various features and services that can enhance your prepping and survival experience, such as:

  • Content: Access to exclusive contents that is created by experts and professionals in the field of prepping and survival.
  • Community: Ability to interact with other like-minded preppers and survivalists from the Philippines and around the world through our forums.
  • Vote: This opportunity to participate in our online polls about various topics and current issues.
  • Newsletter: Option to subscribe to our newsletter that will keep you updated with the latest news, updates, and offers from PinoyPrepping.com

Pinoy Prepping is a website that is dedicated to helping you become more prepared, resilient, and confident in facing any challenge or crisis that life may throw at you.

We believe that prepping is not only a hobby, but a lifestyle and a mindset that can benefit anyone who wants to live a better and safer life.

If you have any questions or feedback about our website or our services, please feel free to contact us here. We are always happy to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for visiting PinoyPrepping.com! We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful and rewarding.

Stay safe and be prepared,

The Pinoy Prepping Team