Any tips on how to keep the house/room warm during a power outage in winter?

Naka received kami ng message from a reader asking for any tips to keep their house warmer during a power outage in the winter.

According sa sender, na isang pinoy, nakatira daw sila sa Newfoundland.

Ang St. John’s, Newfoundland ay ang nasa top list ng may recorded ng most snowiest places sa Canada.

7 thoughts on “Any tips on how to keep the house/room warm during a power outage in winter?

  1. We have a gas oven, so when my power is out during cold weather, I do a lot of roasting and baking. That warms our room and helps a little. Than nothing.

  2. Short term: generator outside, small space heater inside a small room to preserve heat. Not everyone has the ability to heat with wood.

  3. Minimize the living area to heat. Give up on bedrooms and bed down in a core area you can heat, then close that area off to airflow with doors or hang blankets.
    Choose an area you can heat with a wood stove, fireplace or fimreplace insert (like my house), or use a Buddy Heater (also have) and keep a store of propane bottles. Alternatively, you can power a space heater in that core space with a portable generator as long as fuel holds out. More than one plan should be prepped. The only long-term option, though, is burning wood.

  4. I have two backup generators with back feed cords made up…. two tube heaters….one 50 000 btu and one 750 000 (adjustable with thermistate auto on and off)…both propane….and a big buddy heater….4000 to 18000 but….with extra 1 lb canisters and 20 lb quick connect and hose…as well Coleman lanterns…and 2 oil lamps … well as a large box full of candles and a fireplace in the basement…….it’s all about understanding your environment and having multiple backups….when shtf….

  5. Many people can’t have or heat their space with a wood stove. So it’s important to share other options that they can use.

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